Venetian Terazzo Columns

Egem Design was born from the study for the realization of some elements for the covering of columns in Venetian Terrazzo. Venetian Terrazzo elements, customizable according to the designer’s needs, for the creation of unique handcrafted products. EGEM’s long experience also allows the creation of curved elements in Venetian Terrazzo with the same quality as […]

Venetian Terrazzo Flooring repair

Conservative restoration of Venetian Terrazzo flooring in a building bound by the Superintendency for Fine Arts (Villa Morosini Vendramin Calergi in Fiesso Umbertiano – Italy). Despite having a very deteriorated Venetian Terrazzo floor and ruined by previous restoration work carried out by non-specialized companies, EGEM was able to recover the original parts of the floor […]

Download the updated EGEM Venetian terrazzo brochure

The EGEM Venetian Terrazzo brochure is available, updated in the Brochure section, at the following link: If you want to receive a paper copy of the brochure with the samples of the Venetian Terrazzo you can ask for it at the email address

Venetian Terrazzo floor restoration – Theater Merano

Restoration and repair of Venetian Terrazzo Flooring at  Puccini Theater in Merano. Only the great experience of EGEM has allowed us to reconstruct portions of Venetian Terrazzo flooring that perfectly integrate with the existing terrazzo floor.


The EGEM collection TERRAZZOBODEN was born from the study for the construction of Venetian terrazzo floors and walls for some German villas. A collection in light Venetian terrazzo in contrast with the typical dark German “terrazzoboen”. Enjoy it: Terrazzoböden

Terrazzo floor with mother of pearl

New Palladiana Terrazzo Floor in Rosa Corallo, White Verona and botticino classico. Band in mother of Pearl, White Verona and Botticino Classico

Concept by Dino Verlato architect

A residence in the hill is the perfect combination of the harmony of landscape and the simplicity of pure volumes, carefully built to catch the changes of the lights, shadows and surrounding plant life, in the different periods of the year. In the inside, materials are simple but dignified by human creativity, of which the […]