Venetian-styled floors have always been chosen for their extraordinary capability to infuse any building with a unique style. They are used in public buildings such as universities, theatres, museums, but also in private homes, thus turning them into works of art. Making a Venetian-styled floor requires special worksmanship, aimed to ensure its durability over time. […]

Preservation recovery

L’arte del pavimento alla veneziana ha origini molto antiche, apprezzata da sempre per la sua capacità di imprimere uno stile importante e di grande effetto ai diversi ambiente. The art of Venetian floors is very old and it has always been appreciated for its capability to infuse any building with a unique style. Due to […]

Floor cleaning

Floors are often prone to losing their naural brightness and they become opaque, due to the weather or continuous wear. This may be annoying for ordinary floors, much more so for Venetian floors, real works of art that are able to enhance a building as no other element in any building can. Neglecting floors is […]

Lead polishing

The distinctive trait of Venetian floors is their wide range of possible patterns, made through blending materials with different colors. These are unique works of art that have to be treated with the best techniques and equipment to ensure their utmost visual effect. Lead polishing enables our floors to regain their original splendor, thanks to […]

Floor levelling

E.G.E.M. is specialized in Venetian floor levelling by using innovative techniques to achieve a smooth, flat surface, thus enhancing the features of any material. Levelling consists of a treatment carried out upon finishing as well as upon removal of any irregularities or any cement, glues, paints and other materials which may be found on the […]

Supply and laying of floors

E.G.E.M. is a leading company across Vicenza and throughout the Veneto and the North of Italy in the supply of materials used to make prestigious and elegant high-quality Venetian floors. Our customers can choose among plenty of products of various types and colors, to make floors that can fit in any kind of building, from […]