Supply and laying of floors

E.G.E.M. is a leading company across Vicenza and throughout the Veneto and the North of Italy in the supply of materials used to make prestigious and elegant high-quality Venetian floors.

Our customers can choose among plenty of products of various types and colors, to make floors that can fit in any kind of building, from a modern house to an old mansion.

The range of our materials enables us to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers by using decorations and artistic patterns of the finest quality.

Materiali molto diversi per resa e caratteristiche che solo una conoscenza approfondita può permettere di valorizzare al meglio.

Our materials come in different types and performance that just our professional know-how can make the most of them.

E.G.E.M. provides the best solutions to floor making, thanks to our custom-made design to meet any functional and aesthetic requirements.

Our customers can choose the combinations that best suit their tastes and needs, upon advice given by our expert and skilled staff.

How Venetian floors are laid

For a wider variety of services and in line with our customers’ needs, E.G.E.M. also deals with the laying of Venetian floors.

A typical Venetian tradition, the technique used follows a three-step procedure that ensures long-term durability and resistance:

  • Laying of screed
  • Laying of an iron mesh
  • Laying of the Venetian floor

The long-standing experience in laying Venetian floors ensures high expertise and excellent quality of work. E.G.E.M. will make sure that the Venetian floor in your dreams may become a reality.

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