Floor levelling

E.G.E.M. is specialized in Venetian floor levelling by using innovative techniques to achieve a smooth, flat surface, thus enhancing the features of any material.

Levelling consists of a treatment carried out upon finishing as well as upon removal of any irregularities or any cement, glues, paints and other materials which may be found on the floor surface.

To ensure the best results without causing any damage to the floor, special care is needed for materials and the condition of the surface.

The experience gained over the years enables us to offer a highly qualified service in a very short time and with the utmost efficiency.

Details of floor leveling

Floor levelling is carried out by means of equipment and products suitable to the various types of materials used, in order to ensure the integrity and achieve the best visual effect.

The combination of fine grained diamond wheels and specific products acts uniformly on the floor surface, thus removing any inperfection and any material sticking out of the floor and achieving the highest degree of brightness.

E.G.E.M. staff carries out on-site surveys in Vicenza and across the Veneto to assess in detail the condition of Venetian floors and schedule any kind of treatment that may be needed.

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