Lead polishing

The distinctive trait of Venetian floors is their wide range of possible patterns, made through blending materials with different colors.

These are unique works of art that have to be treated with the best techniques and equipment to ensure their utmost visual effect.

Lead polishing enables our floors to regain their original splendor, thanks to the joint effort of machines and specific products that manage to create a protective film, thus bringing back brightness to the floor.

E.G.E.M. operates in Vicenza, the Veneto and across Italy with its lead polishing service of Venetian floors, dealing with any type of building, from small apartments to big complexes.

Lead polishing step by step

First a survey is required to spot any possible flaw on the floor, such as stains or cracks, so as to achieve the best results upon polishing.

Lead polishing can be performed in any building, doesn’t cause any special inconvenience and the floor can be easily walked upon as soon as polishing is done.

The experience gained by E.G.E.M. in the restoration of Venetian floors ensures the highest quality of any type of work.

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