Preservation recovery

L’arte del pavimento alla veneziana ha origini molto antiche, apprezzata da sempre per la sua capacità di imprimere uno stile importante e di grande effetto ai diversi ambiente.

The art of Venetian floors is very old and it has always been appreciated for its capability to infuse any building with a unique style.

Due to its adaptability, Venetian floors have become an icon of beauty in both private and public buildings.

Venetian floors are now regarded as real works of art and as such they need special care. E.G.E.M. provides a first-class service in the preservation recovery of Venetian floors in full or in part.

For years we have been operating in the Veneto and the North of Italy providing our customers with professional advice and expertise.

High profile preservation recovery

The preservation recovery of Venetian floors is very demanding and because of this it needs to follow a strict procedure to preserve the structural integrity of the floor.

A preliminary survey of the condition of the floor is performed with high tech equipment, which enables us to spot even the slightest flaw and carry out the recovery procedures needed.

Such preservation work restores Venetian floors to their original state, giving them back their ancient beauty through special treatment.

E.G.E.M. is a leading company in Vicenza that has become known over the years for its expertise and the quality of its restoration work.

Our added value consists of blending worksmanship and cutting edge technology to achieve the best results.

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