Cleaning and Maintenance


CLEANABILITY: it is the ability of a certain material to allow the removal of the dirt and dust which deposit on its surface, thus ensuring the fulfilment of the necessary hygienic requirements. Since this characteristic is strictly bound to the compactness, the waterproofing coefficient, and the resistance to chemicals of the surface, the cleanability of EGEM products is excellent.

Terrazzo alla Veneziana (Venetian Terrazzo) is a precious, practical, easy-to-clean floor. The Terrazzo gives the whole place an ever brilliant look thanks to the brightness and richness in color of its surface. The absence of joints guarantees elevated hygienic standards as it makes cleaning easier, as a matter of fact Terrazzo does not need much maintenance. To clean the surface just use a neutral detergent, and it is advisable to wax the floor once a month or once every two months. As far as the lime and cocciopesto (lime mortar with crushed pottery) Terrazzo is concerned, it is advisable to oil the surface once every two years in order to make the floor “softer” and livelier.