Floor cleaning

Floors are often prone to losing their naural brightness and they become opaque, due to the weather or continuous wear.

This may be annoying for ordinary floors, much more so for Venetian floors, real works of art that are able to enhance a building as no other element in any building can.

Neglecting floors is not just a matter of appearance, as they can be damaged over time and that would require more elaborate restoration than day-to-day cleaning.

That is why it is essential to carry out routine floor cleaning in order to remove any kind of substances that may affect the floor texture.

Professional cleaning

E.G.E.M. provides a cleaning service for Venetian, Palladian and marble floors, in Vicenza, the Veneto and the North of Italy by means of modern equipment and trained staff.

To ensure the best long lasting result, E.G.E.M. staff carries out a thorough survey to set out the floor condition and schedule the cleaning work required.

Indeed, Venetian, Palladian and marble floors need special treatment to recover their prestigious splendor and preserve their undisputed appeal.

Our expertise enables us to carry out a wide range of cleaning services, from small apartments to big complexes.

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