Venetian-styled floors have always been chosen for their extraordinary capability to infuse any building with a unique style.

They are used in public buildings such as universities, theatres, museums, but also in private homes, thus turning them into works of art.

Making a Venetian-styled floor requires special worksmanship, aimed to ensure its durability over time.

When a Venetian floor is damaged, special restoration and maintenance work is needed and performed depending on the material used.

This concerns Venetian, Palladian and marble floors chiefly made in Vicenza as well as in other towns of the Veneto and Northern Italy.

Our staff’s expertise and constant research are needed to ensure that our customers’ requirements are met and to achieve the best results.

Over the years we have carried out floor restoration projects in various buildings, from private homes to public institutions such as universities and museums.

Restoration step by step

First a detailed survey of the floor and assessment of damage are carried out with special equipment.

Then a restoration and maintenance work is scheduled as required from time to time.

Depending on the type of damage, structural reinforcement and aesthetic recovery may be carried out to fully restore the floor.

E.G.E.M. staff boasts a long standing expertise in restoration and can operate in any project professionally and efficiently.

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